Choosing Sunset Cemetery

Sunset takes meticulous care to make sure the grounds are beautifully landscaped with trees, shrubs, flower beds, and many marble statues, to create a peaceful and tranquil setting. Our beautiful prairie landscape is impossible to duplicate; truly a place to visit that offers consolation and comfort. At Sunset Cemetery we realize that there are important decisions that have to be made when arranging cemetery services. It is our goal to simplify this decision process by educating and explaining all of the options available to you and answer any questions you may have.

Knowing the process and all the options available, empowers families to make decisions on these difficult matters. As we go through life, we learn that the more knowledgeable we are in certain situations the easy they become to deal with. Cemetery arrangements are no different. The more you know and have pre-arranged, makes it easier on the loved ones we leave behind.

Through attractive borrowing rates (4%) and longer terms of (10 years) it will reduce the monthly payments bringing the costs to affordable levels such as only $ 25.00 per month for a complete cremation burial. With attractive terms like these, we encourage families to take advantage of this pre-planning opportunity.

It is through a Pre-Planning Specialist that you are best able to make these difficult decisions.
Our Pre-Planning Specialist will sit down with you, discuss your final wishes and tailor a plan to suit your needs.

Discussing these arrangements or cemetery services can be done in the privacy of your own home or at our office in Moose Jaw.

What you should know.

• You can only purchase property at Sunset Cemetery through a Licensed Sunset Cemetery Representative.
• You select the specific property.
• You must receive a copy of our Cemetery Regulations (Cemetery Act of 1999).
• You get a Certificate of Title to that property (Cemetery Act of 1999).
• You get Child & Grandchild Protection at no extra cost.
• You get flexible payment options.
• You get a payment suspension option with no extra fees.
• You avoid costly winter interment fees.
• Today’s cost is locked in…forever.
• Your arrangements are 100% guaranteed.
• Plus, the long term care and maintenance of Sunset Cemetery is guaranteed through an established trust fund. (Cemetery Act of 1999)


Do you own property at Sunset Cemetery?

• If so, you should have received your Certificate of Title as per the Cemetery Act of 1999.
• If you haven’t yet received your Certificate of Title, please call immediately for an appointment. We’ll review your documents and Cemetery arrangements and ensure you receive this extremely important document. Call us at (306) 692-8855 .
• All Sunset Cemetery property owners should have this vital information for their estate plan.
For more information on the benefits of pre-planning with Sunset Cemetery, contact us today.

Sunset Benefit Plan
Benefits & Protection

Control Costs: Cost is locked in a today's prices with no increases, no matter how long it takes before the arrangements are used.
Transfer: Arrangements may be transferred from person to person.
Child/Grandchild Protection: In the event that an accident would happen to any child or grandchild under the age of 19, they will receive similar arrangements at no cost to parents.
Family Protection: This applies to people under the age of 66 and in good health. When a family makes a deposit on their Sunset Protection Plan of 35% and God forbid something would happen to either the husband or wife, Sunset Cemetery would pay out 100% of the remaining balance on the contract. If a 20% deposit is made on the Sunset Protection Plan, then Sunset Cemetery would pay out 50% of the balance of the contract. If less than 20% deposit is made, once the 2-% is reached, the 50% coverage would apply.
Suspension: A family is allowed to suspend payments for a period of only 6 months (within contract period) due to layoff, work shortage or injury with a written letter from employer or doctor.
Completion: Peace of mind that you have completed your arrangements and that you will not be leaving these affairs for your spouse or putting the burden on other family members.