Why pre-plan my final arrangements?

By pre-planning in advance you save money as prices increase yearly, eliminates stress on loved ones left behind, ensures that your wishes will be taken care of exactly as you want and provides peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

My final arrangement are outlined in my Will – why do I need to pre-arrange?

The Will is not usually read until after the funeral so by having pre-arrangements it shows the family what the final wishes of the person actually are.

If I have life insurance, will it cover my cemetery expenses?

Life insurance is purchased primarily for the purpose of allowing families to continue a certain lifestyle after a death occurs. With the purchase of separate cemetery arrangements, you lock in your costs and have peace of mind that the life insurance will be in place for what it was intended for.

Why should I not purchase this through an Insurance program?

The reason is very simple; your costs are locked in and guaranteed by the cemetery. Whichever insurance company you choose cannot offer that option to you so the costs at the cemetery will continue to rise but while your insurance does not make enough interest to cover the inflation.

Are there payment options available?

Yes, we have payment options to suit every budget or need. We have 2, 4, 5 and even 10 year terms. Additional payments or complete payout may be done at any time without penalty.

Can I purchase just a cemetery plot?

Plans can be tailored to address any budget or cultural concern that a family may have. Starting with just the cemetery property or completing your total arrangements.

Why choose Sunset Cemetery when pre-arranging?

Personalized service and dedication to family values makes pre-planning something that a family should be proud and Sunset Cemetery will guide you through that process making sure that families have been given all the possible options available which allows them to make an informed decisions that they are comfortable with.

What is the Sunset Security Benefit Plan?

When you pre-arrange with Sunset Cemetery, you and your family are covered by many benefits exclusive to your Sunset Benefit Plan offering many features such as: free cemetery arrangements coverage for your child or grandchild 19 years of age or younger; convenient payments plans and price guarantee.

Why talk to a Cemetery Pre-Planning Specialist

At Sunset Cemetery our staff takes pride in helping families with the difficult decision of making final arrangements. We work hard with families explaining all the different options available the make sure that the family can make an educated and informed decision when they are done. Education is power and the more we can educate the family the more power they will have to make the proper choice to suit their family.

Does Sunset Cemeteries Preplanning Specialists provide estate planning or legal advice?

When you are sick you should go to the doctor, when you are arrested you should call a lawyer and when you are looking for cemetery arrangements you should talk to a cemetery specialist and not a funeral director.

How is my money protected?

Cemeteries are governed by the government which requires them to place monies received on account for a pre-arrangement into a trust account. Only when the cemetery delivers the products that have been pre-arranged are they allowed to apply for the monies to be taken out of trust. All Trust monies are held by financial institutions that have Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation depositors insurance.

Glossary of Terms

Authorized Decision Maker: 
The person who has the authority to make decisions with regards to cemetery property, whether it is through power of attorney or as executor of the Estate.

Burial Vault:

A dome that covers the casket to protect it during backfilling and keep it ground level.


Above ground structure comprised of individual niches used for interment of cremated remains.


The process of reducing something to ashes by incineration; cremated remains.


A legal document giving an individual or individuals the authority to make decisions regarding the Estate after a person is deceased.


The act or ritual of interring or burying.

Power of Attorney

A legal document giving an individual the authorization to make decisions for someone else, while they are still living. This would include cemetery arrangements.


When a family or individual makes plans for their final cemetery arrangements in advance.

Rights to Interment

When a property owner gives another person authorization to be interred in their property.

Traditional Burial

Ground interment with the use of a casket.


When a property owner transfers ownership to another person and a new certificate is issued to the new owner.